CPPI Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency England & Wales 2021

CPPI provides an opportunity for recognition at a level equivalent to CPI for those working purely in the personal insolvency sector. The focus of this qualification is the statutory forms of personal insolvency and incorporates non-statutory debt solutions. On successful completion of the exam, candidates may apply for Affiliate Membership of the IPA (AIPA).

ISS Training’s modules have been designed to fully cover the E&W examination syllabus and to offer essential practice on the principal areas on which you will be tested. Participants are periodically tested and actively encouraged to ask questions and to discuss the syllabus with their tutor. Comprehensive study guides and course notes for each module will be provided.

Course Options for CPPI England & Wales 2021

There are two course options to choose from:

Our full course will be delivered using a combination of flexible online learning and live virtual classrooms, supported by periodic knowledge checking, individual feedback, a fully de-briefed mock examination and three full days of question practice.

Our independent learning course which includes flexible online learning, supported by periodic knowledge checking and a marked mock examination.

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