IPA Learning with ISS Training

ISS Training is principal training partner for the IPA and supporting their newly launched IPA Learning (IPAL) initiative. 

Our training partnerships are important to us, and so we are also thrilled to announce that we are the principal training partner for the IPA and supporting their newly launched IPA Learning (IPAL) initiative.

IPAL is the IPA’s new learning partnership, located primarily on the Learndash platform, that will allow it to provide members, IPs and their teams with training and learning opportunities in relation to current technical and regulatory issues.  Designed with a clear focus on the practical application of technical and regulatory change as it impacts on IPA members’ businesses, the various workshops will be an opportunity to interact with the IPA, inform and develop working practices across the profession, and engage with the views of a Regulated Professional Body.

We will be working with the IPA to deliver an up-to-date, quality training programme throughout the year.

Hello to Louise Crawford

Louise Crawford

Louise Crawford has re-joined Insolvency Support Services as Manager with effect from 22 February, with a particular focus on outsourced client work.  Many of you know Louise and will be aware that she was our first ever employee, so it’s a real pleasure to welcome her back to the team.

Louise’s contact details are [email protected] and her direct line is 0131 510 8641.  She is looking forward to working with you all again.

ISS Training launches CII training as ICAEW approved Partner in Learning: CII Certificate in Insolvency England & Wales 2021

Certificate in Insolvency

ISS Training has announced the launch of its new CII training as an ICAEW approved Partner in Learning.

The ICAEW’s Certificate in Insolvency (CII) is a flexible learning programme. Primarily developed for professionals based in England & Wales wanting to progress into a career in insolvency or strengthen their knowledge, the certificate equally benefits those whose work touches upon the E&W insolvency regime.

CII covers four key areas to ensure that students have a good grounding in the fundamentals of insolvency work and provides a basis for progression to a more advanced qualification in insolvency:

  • Legal and regulatory framework;
  • Principles of insolvency;
  • E&W corporate insolvency;
  • E&W personal insolvency.

Watch our short introductory video which explains how ISS Training’s CII course is structured, the format of the exam and how to book.

ICAEW does not impose any timeframe within which candidates must take the assessment. Study and assessments can therefore be planned to fit in with workload and business priorities. However, ICAEW does encourage candidates to attempt the assessment within no more than a few months of completing the modules, as the question banks are updated to reflect changes in legislation and insolvency guidance.

ISS Training’s modules have been designed to cover the CII examination syllabus in full and to offer essential practice on the principal areas in which candidates will be tested.  Participants are periodically tested in the course of their studies, and actively encouraged to ask questions and to discuss the syllabus with their tutor.

Comprehensive study aids for each module will be provided.

Certificate in Insolvency (CII) course options

There are two course options to choose from:

Our full course will be delivered using a combination of flexible online learning and regular live virtual classrooms, supported by periodic knowledge checking, individual feedback and a fully de-briefed mock examination.

Our independent learning course includes flexible online learning, supported by periodic knowledge checking and a marked mock examination.

Candidates following the full course can choose two pathways through the modules: a standard pathway or an accelerated pathway.

Click here for more information.

Book your place

Book online for the full course or the independent learning course

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0845 601 7570

ISS Moodle School /  GoToWebinar

The ISS Moodle School is a widely-used virtual learning environment, and is accessible via your desktop or mobile device via the free Moodle app. This allows us to deliver your training materials in a variety of formats including video presentation, reference materials and online assessment (if applicable) in one place on one platform.  You will receive a registration for your ISS Moodle account the first time you enrol on an ISS course. All of your ISS course materials will be accessible to you on the Moodle platform for reference and/or download, and you can quickly check your CPD/E record.

Our online learning delivery in live classroom settings take place on the GoToWebinar platform. Our online virtual classroom sessions may be recorded and made available to all participating delegates for review purposes only. We will not release these recordings to any other person or organisation except in conjunction with the above purpose.

100% pass rate for CPI/CPPI Scotland and CPPI England & Wales

We are thrilled to report that all of ISS Training’s students for CPI/CPPI Scotland and CPPI England & Wales in 2020 have passed their exam, with just under half achieving a pass with merit.

Congratulations to all our candidates on their well-earned and well-deserved success! Their achievement is particularly impressive due to the unprecedented upheaval to the training and exam process brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to adjusting admirably as we switched to online learning in the middle of the courses, our students all adapted well to the challenges of studying completely remotely and sitting the exams online. Well done everyone! We are very proud of you.

JIE, CPI and CPPI training

Is it your turn next? For full details of all our insolvency exam courses (JIE, CPI and CPPI), click here.

If you would like to discuss your options, please speak to us at any time on 0845 601 7570 or [email protected]