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CPI and CPPI Scotland 2024

ISS Training is delighted to launch its 2024 training courses for the CPI Scotland suite of exams.

The IPA’s Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency exams are qualifications designed to test and demonstrate competency in insolvency administration. The CPI exam tests candidates’ knowledge of both corporate and personal insolvency. CPPI concentrates solely on personal insolvency and non-insolvency debt solutions.

The annual sitting of the CPI and CPPI Scotland exam will be in June 2024.

CPI is a flexible qualification. It recognises the capabilities of staff who have several years’ experience in insolvency. It can also be used as a stepping stone towards the JIEB exam by candidates and their employers.

CPPI provides an opportunity for recognition at a level equivalent to CPI for those working purely in the personal insolvency sector. The focus of this qualification is not just the statutory forms of personal insolvency but also incorporates non-statutory debt solutions and the sequestration of partnerships.


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