Brand new Investigation and CDDA Checklist

We now have an Investigation and CDDA checklist, intended for use by IPs and their staff dealing with investigations into company director conduct, recovery and disqualification.  Applying across insolvent liquidation, administration and receivership, the checklist reflects current insolvency and CDDA legislation and all statutory references are hyperlinked to the relevant sections.

The checklist retails for £500 (ex VAT).

There are two supporting online sessions: Pre-appointment advice to directors and SIP2 and Investigations, which normally retail for £50 (ex VAT) per participant.  One single use registration of each online session will be included with the purchase of the checklist for a limited period of time.  For two or more registrations to each session, please speak to us directly.

We can provide robust and detailed checklists, compliant with the Insolvency (Scotland) Rules 2018, for the following Scottish case types:

• Administration (SADM)
• Court Liquidation (SWUC)
• Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (SCVL)
• Members Voluntary Liquidation (SMVL)

The new Scottish Rules bring about process changes to Court Liquidation (SWUC) Creditors and Members Voluntary Liquidation (SCVL and SMVL) and Administration (SADM).  Some of the changes to SCVL and SMVL ensure that the process in Scotland mirrors the England & Wales Rules, but crucially, the remuneration approval process in Scotland for insolvency liquidations, and to an extent SADM, remains the same in structure, although there are amendments to how it applies. There are myriad other changes that need to be incorporated into your checklists and document packs.

Prices are as follows:

Procedure ChecklistDocument PackCombined
Liquidation Generic750750

If you want to purchase just one liquidation pack, say SCVL, you would purchase the checklist, the specific document pack and the generic Liquidation pack, at a total of £2,250. If you were intending to purchase SCVL and SWUC, then you purchase the two specific checklists and packs, and the generic liquidation pack to support both procedures, at a combined cost of £3,750. Purchase of three or more packs attracts a discount.

Alternatively we can ensure that your existing checklist is statutorily compliant and up to date for all recent changes and comment on any practical aspects of case administration within the checklist as appropriate.

If you are buying a checklist in conjunction with a document pack, the checklist will be referenced to our standard document pack. Checklists (and document packs) can be coded for use with Turnkey’s IPS system. Alternatively your in-house document pack can be referenced to our standard checklist. Price on application.