We can supply a full suite of policy and process documents specifically tailored for insolvency practitioners, a GDPR checklist for use on appointments and sample privacy notices for the different categories of people that insolvency practitioners will encounter.

We can offer several options to help meet your specific needs:

GDPR Checklist on Insolvency Appointment: £550 plus VAT

Package of Sample Privacy Notices: £825 plus VAT

  • Employees
  • Directors, shareholders and owners
  • Debtor clients
  • Creditors, book debtors and employees of insolvent entities
  • Marketing and Contacts

Package of Sample Policies and Registers: £825 plus VAT

  • Data Processing Registers and Insolvency Practices
  • Data Breach Register
  • Sample Policies:
    • Employees (IP practice staff)
    • Confidentiality and Data Security
    • Special Category Data
    • Data Security Breach
    • Data Retention and Destruction
    • Subject Access Requests
    • Vulnerable Clients

Or purchase the complete package for £2,035 plus VAT 

And don’t forget that our GDPR webinar: A practical approach to GDPR for IPs is still available for £55 plus VAT per view.


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