Trading Support

Where you have had the opportunity to plan for an appointment, you can allocate and deploy your resources, knowing in advance what your staffing requirements will be. Sometimes you do not get the benefit of advance notice, or an appointment throws up unexpected challenges.

Depending on the size, or location of your practice, an extra pair of experienced hands can come in useful. We have staff with bases across Scotland, and with a network of supporting locations, we can staff your on-the-ground trading requirement. Far flung outposts, such as the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, are our speciality!

If you have the internal resource, you might instead need assistance with your trading assessment. ISS can design and implement a trading strategy and formulate controls and monitoring of the process on your behalf.

Winding down a trading business requires control and attention to detail. We can assist you with the process.