ISS Practice Support

Your business needs to be efficient and profitable. You need to manage your overheads and costs, and maximise your work in progress and recoveries. And all of that takes management time and resource.

We recognise that not every firm can afford an internal compliance department, or find the time to keep up to date with the constantly changing landscape within which we operate. The insolvency market continues to evolve with considerable, and what can feel like constant, legislative and regulatory changes in Scotland and in the UK. Our regulators demand efficient controls and internal management processes, while creditors demand you do so at minimal cost. Your focus is always on the bottom line.

And sometimes our work can be challenging. We face difficult situations regularly. Not all decisions are easy and there are times you would benefit from an independent review of the work that has been done and some practical, commercially viable suggestions for solutions, framed within your statutory powers.

ISS can offer you a range of services to support your practice and our team specialise in cost-effective design and implementation of process-driven solutions.

When you need efficient, value for money back office support

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